Karen Holman: Professor by day, punk rocker by night

Feb 9, 2015

Karen Holman plays punk rock poetry on her 1971 Gibson Les Paul.

When not rocking out on stage or playing her favorite exotica or garage tunes on one of her radio shows, Karen can be found at Willamette University teaching and researching.

From student to teacher

Growing up, Karen wanted to be a scientist.

“I remember when I was little, I got a science book about what would happen if the polar caps melted. I had to check and see if I was going to be under water. Science fascinated me as a kid. All that stuff to me was exciting,” Karen said.

In 1985, Karen moved to Salem to attend Willamette University. She tried engineering, physics and biology, but it was chemistry that got her excited.

“I feel like I can explain anything with it,” she added.

Inspired by her Willamette professors, Karen decided that she, too, wanted to be a professor, and off she went to graduate school at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Source: statesmanjournal.com